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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  June 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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hot spot in, and what would be a good weekend weather-wise down the shore. dave warren will have the answer to that question. >> good day finally a friday tgif june 19th 2015. what do you have on tap anything raging, fun anything funny can live vicariously through. >> you will have more fun because it is fathers day weekend, your family and kid will do something great breakfast in bed, pictures of yourself and daughter outlining your hairline. >> yes. >> i know you have kid dave so this is a great one. my daughter, seven and a half, she drew a picture of me and she drew it where if she will go up here, like showing recession, she said daddy, it looks so much better if you had hair straight across. kids are so brutally honest. >> i can't wait for mine to start talking, who knows what they will tell me. >> all they say is daddy no daddy, no. >> i have to work on that.
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>> for me it is daddy bald, daddy bald. >> that is good. >> no, it is not. >> we are all dealing with the rain out there as a few showers moved through. we're talking about sue going to atlantic city. this had a heavy shower off the coast, right now, still rain around the parkway and ac expressway but it is clearing up now further inland just a few light showers, we will see storms cleared out, one or two rain drops across berks county and lehigh valley, light rain now, heavier rain off the coast. we have a break but more showers and storms, firing up later today grab the light coat maybe not needing umbrella here in the next hour need it, step outside right now, 67 to 72, it is mild and humidity has come back. weather number today we will call it a six because we have had rain this morning and we could have showers and storms. up to 87 it is getting warmer today, light breeze out of the southwest at 5 miles an hour, brought back humidity, feel mugginess in the air.
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a few showers lingering tonight but it is warm, muggy down to 71 degrees, not stopping below 70 tomorrow. there is more heat in the seven day forecast. but lets look at roads now with bob kelly. >> 5:02. tgif. we are getting ready for weekend, live look here downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway opened for business in both directions. work crews have pack it up and headed on home, come on in we're in good shape in center city. speedometer readings lower than normal because of the rain. the rain will naturally slow us down, we will have puddles, even puddles in the neighborhood we will have to contend with and of course, further east we will go we will have batch of heavier rain on the way to the shore. traveling times at the schuylkill 15 minutes in downtown, four minutes from i-95. work crew north bound i-95 help picked up and headed home as well. we are heading down the shore today set up shop and broadcast live from atlantic
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city coming up at 6:00 sue will be with us from gardener's basin. karen, jen the aquarium and steel pier also some spots where we are able to catch it, bring kid on by we'd love to say hi. in millville a water main break at second and main right at route 47 and route 49 where it comes together there south of the vineland. watch out for local detours. keep in mind even though we have rain throughout the weekend we have fire through music festival all that extra volume will add to the shore volume for folks heading to the delaware beaches through the weekend chris and lauren, back over to you. mourning across the massacre that claims nine lives as a historic.
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in an interview with "fox news", and acquaintance with "fox news" talk about his experience with roof. >> and he said that he took it from his parents, from his mom and he told me his mom didn't know he had the gun. >> but that it was that at first his gun and his mother had taken it from him. >> yeah, his mom, his mom took it from dylann. >> why would she have done that if he's, you know fit is his gun why would she take it. >> because, her mom don't trust him with it. >> can you in your wildest streams imagine dylann gunning down nine people. >> i can't believe it.
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>> why do you think he picked that church do you think. >> i don't know, i think it is racist. >> justice department has opened up a hate crimes investigation in the shooting. keep focus on the victims who lost their lives sitting inside that church. >> victim has been identified as 26 year-old tywand a saunders who graduated just last year from college. state senator clementa pinckney and well known community leader, cynthia herr, 45 year-old cherrhonda singleton, local high school track coach, 49 year-old depain middleton doctor a admissions counselor not pictured myra thompson, ethel lance, 87 year-old sue jackson and reverend daniel simmons senior. support is coming in from across the country. >> right here in philadelphia a local show of solidarity by holding a vigil last night. fox 29's steve keeley joins us live inside ame church where
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this vigil happened. this first african methodist episcopal church in the country where richard allen founded ame church in 1791 right next door to the synagogue where you can see locks alarms, security, as we see jewish houses of worship happen targets of hatred, they have already done what all of the ame churches and all religious churches were doing almost immediately yesterday upon hearing about charleston. founded on peace, love togetherness houses of freedom, religion have to sadly be fortresses of safety in this modern world of unexplainable terror and hate.
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>> it does not feel well in our soul. so we're here tonight in a grieving community of struggling and fight to go keep everybody safe. >> it is important to remember each person who lost their life and in charleston, south carolina. they have been called victims in the media. we cannot call them runners. >> if we don't stand up and don't stand with courage, and have a greater defile answer and greater courage and strength then the stand right now in the middle of this and say that nobody is going to change us from doing the work that god has called us to do. >> reporter: this service was full of people as far as california, a catholic woman all the way from oakland, coming here to philadelphia and this place to visit for its history ended upcoming
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for so much more, a rabbi from manayunk also here in that crowd to show all people from all beliefs all believed, in someplace, having all of us having the right, to pray and to come together safely. lauren and chris. >> we're all appalled by what happened infer community across the country and world for that matter. our coverage of the deadly church shooting in charleston continues right now on line, find latest information on the case photos, videos on our web site at my fox tears through building in east germantown sparking fears. searches for possible victim came up empty overnight. building on the 5600 block of boyd street ace abandoned so investigators are more curious then ever about how this all started. >> two people are recovering after being stabbed in kingsessing, this was the scene in the 1100 block of divinity street, in word on a suspect or motive there.
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another major water break in the city of philadelphia, this time it is residents, business owners, in east falls who are on clean up duty, fox 29's jenny joyce back in the neighborhood this morning hi jenny. >> good morning. this is the second time in one week that the city of philadelphia is dealing with the water main break, now the clean up crews are working hard to try to get these backup and running like normal. yesterday this entire parking lot, in the banker shopping center in east falls looked like a muddy lake, cars submerge after 120 year 48-inch main ruptured. it happened around 2:45 yesterday afternoon. water rush into seven stores in the shopping center, it continues pouring out for two hearst before it was shut down according to the philadelphia water department. fire fighters used their boats, and their backs to rescue stranded shoppers, in all, 100 people had to be helped to safety. customers at shop right were told to evacuate and not
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everyone could make it out so employees used kitty litter, play sand and soil to through to help keep the water out of the store. >> any trickle like little bubbles, less than five minutes, my gosh, look, look, look. i look around and i see like a wave coming toward the glass a wave of black brownish water and we could not get out of the store. it was just like a river, and fast. we could not even, i got to the other side, moved my car up here as i was really close to the store and then could not get back over it. it was really bad. >> certainly, age may have played a factor, infrastructure in philadelphia, is aging but we are working to replace it. you know, we work to replace approximately 28 miles of mains per year. >> reporter: muddy mess also shut down a freight train line
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for some this emergency felt like deja vu a year and a half ago and 100 feet away a different main rupture creating similar problems including another hefty clean up. you heard philadelphia water department says that age could have played a factor but they don't know an exact cause the the main is 25 feet deep, so they hope to begin excavation on the line that today get down there and get a clear idea of the exactly what happened lauren and chris. >> like a water park out there, thanks very much. water ford township police are taking body cameras for an arrest of the kidnapping suspect. a man attack would the man as she walk near white horse pike woman was dragged in the woods, thanks to an officer who had an earlier stop in his body camera. police matched the description of the suspect to footage from that camera. >> those camera are good.
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>> charles ramsey the commish here here in philadelphia a wants body cameras for everybody officer. pope francis jumping in the debate to climate change. >> and remnants for bill causing problems throughout midwest and south and in the over just yet.
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here's the deal, this is the headliner of firefly of course, he was on the main stage, tonight and paul mccartney, man taking a stage at 10:00 p.m. >> this is his first big hit. >> so here's the deal, also, and we start with this dave, today is last day for philly public schools and all of the pools i think open around the city. >> not a great day for that. >> of course. >> but temperatures, we will get those up a bit. cool yesterday. we had showers and storms moving through right now. heavier rain just off a the coast of atlantic city where sue is headed joining me at 6:00. rain is clearing out there just in time. we have talk about this, this morning with our morning weather briefing.
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rain is clearing out and it looks nice. temperatures will try to warm up a bit climbing in the upper 80's but that heat could fire off a few more thunderstorms, so it will be quiet for now rain free just a few showers around, more storms later today. talk about firefly, 10:00 tonight, 88 degrees warm day but these storms should pop up and die down, saturday and sunday we are dealing with that rain overnight saturday to early sunday and that is from remnants of bill. this could cause some problems this weekend. we will be around all weekend not a wash out but they are talking about heavy rain in a period of time, and that time looks to be saturday night to early sunday. upper 60's near 70 now little further south mid to low 70's. climbing up to 72 in wildwood. it is that rain that we will watch this weekend. this is remnants of bill spinning away here in western pennsylvania 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon saturday. saturday night early sunday,
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very heavy rain right over the area this storm center is passing just over the north and western suburbs there so a lot of moisture coming down and this could lead to flooding, because we could be looking at two to 3 inches of rain here's rain coming down and it comes saturday night early sunday heavier rain over north and western suburbs but watching where the actual track is, it is still two days away. this area have of heavy rain, would be right over philadelphia and i-95. watching that close liz this weekend because we have that saturday night early sunday rain it clears out sunday afternoon, so weekend starts nice and end nice and storms come back on monday, tuesday up to 49 with showers and storms on wednesday sunny and warm 84 degrees. maybe just a few showers at the end of the seven day forecast and temperatures climbing in the 90's they will drop a bit, on day six and seven, back into the mid 80's, bob kelly. >> got you covered.
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>> 5:17. good morning everybody. live look at 422 coming in through collegeville heading in through king of prussia. this weekend they will do a traffic pattern shuffle out on 422 out near route 724 for gang in pottstown, gang up and down blue route good morning to bryn mawr. live look at 476 a little bit of fog. and 42, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, roads are wet as that storm kind of pushing off and getting out of here. sue is on her way down the shore, she will be live from gardener's basin beginning at 6:00. we will be down at the aquarium steel pier, karen hepp will be there as well. water main break in millville at second and main, and then tonight, stadium jams, we have got new kids on the block and which i think it is not and
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and coming through south philadelphia along with the folks heading to the shore so this afternoon and this evening's rush hour could be a little crazy, going through south philadelphia. tomorrow in center city, they are moving some big equipment around area of city hall here, they will have 13th 15th broad and market closed all day tomorrow and there is about a dozen septa bus routes that will be detoured as well around city hall, and hammered part of the midwest and southern planes: the two-year old boy and fast moving ardmore, oak a. >> one of the relatives is a 15th police with the child and at some point they got swept away by water. >> officials say waters now
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receding and they are starting to assess damage. meanwhile heavy rain continues to pound neighboring missouri, missouri governor declared a state of emergency. the river has crested in several spots and mississippi river is expect to reach flood stage in the coming days. what a mess in the midwest, and in the south. another, first, for pope francis. >> pontiff issuing a first ever letter on the environment calling for fossil fuel use and reduce poverty levels around the world. lauren group has more on this. >> it is highest profile papal letter in modern history pope francis issuing his new writing on care for our common home. arguing climate change is hurting the poor and urgent action needed before it is too late. >> this home of ours is ruined and that damages everyone especially the poor. this is an appeal toward my side and responsibility. >> reaction from catholics around the world mostly positive so far.
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>> directions are how we can manage our resource. >> sometimes you feel like a voice and now it is like christmas came early. >> reporter: some are questioning whether the church can get involved for what many considered to be a political issue critics say pope doesn't understand complexity of the situation or the economic consequences, of the changes that he is calling for. >> the reality is there is a very serious conflict here between people of very different interests. >> reporter: church is quick to point out they are not waving in the policy debate and letter contains, no directive totitions, they want to bring a faith based perspective to the table and help bring people together for common good. >> faith and people of goodwill even rich public life. so we don't see this as an added burden we see this as part of a central part of the solution. >> reporter: release of the writing comes ahead of the pope's visit to the u.s. where he will speak before congress
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and u.n. on climate change, in new york lauren green, "fox news". coming up, good bye robo calls is what being done to crackdown on those annoying phone calls.
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fcc says the agency agreed that phone companies are not bound to connect you to the automated messages if you
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don't want them. consumer groups have been asking for clarification because phone companies were worried about breaking rules that require them, to connect every call. a global airline association says that making size of carry on bags smaller the reason is simple people did not like it. organization got an intense, and, significant concerns, it will force travelers to buy new smaller bags and pay extra money to have their current carry on bags check in, american delta and united came out against the proposal as well. dad will take center stage this sunday, even though mothers day is bigger, fathers day is huge by way of money also. >> national retail federation predicts spenting to be almost $13 billion this year, nrf forecast gift card in the electronic will account for 1.8 billion in sales but infamous ties and neck ties will still be big. >> the average person and
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neck ties and coffee mugs and even gifts have of experience like tickets to a ballgame. >> let me weigh in. no dad wants a mug. >> okay. >> neck ties are cool. >> but not as a gift for fathers day. >> here's a deal about that. golf lessons that is a great idea golf is a hard sport to learn, you don't want to be like that on the golf course. golf lessons great idea and they are not cheap. ties back to that for a minute. >> i can dress business, i get that most guys do, it is casual wear that is hard to figure out. i always want, yes my wife to pick out the casual clothes because then she knows how herman casually dressed. >> that is true. >> she don't care how i dress for work. she will say you will wear these dorky shoes then buy me shoes, you know my size. >> two high school students left out of their senior trip because of their wheelchairs why school officials are
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defending their decision to not let them go. new born baby born in a waffle house story behind this special delivery straight ahead.
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serious questions about the aging infrastructure after a second water main break in just a week, a live report, coming up: good day friday june 19th, 2015. >> a lot of people heading town the shore going to a hidden hot spot in atlantic city. >> that should be fun. >> and then summer is on sunday and we are celebrating today the release of our summertime video. >> coming up at 9:00 o'clock. >> summer, summer summertime. >> summertime. >> you have got to see it because i need to you see chris murphy's move but that is only thing i'm waiting for. >> i'm taking notes on this one learning some new moves myself. >> good stuff. >> so, in that song they mentioned 88 degrees interestingly enough, it is about 88, 87 i can change it real quick if you want. >> but it will be up to 88, so the showers and storms, off to watch them as well, all of the rain, but it is clearing out
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right now, these showers moved through this morning and now the heavier rain off the coast, clearing up, on ultimate doppler so things are shaping up to be a nice morning, compared to what we had move through an hour ago. still some light rain pick up here in chester berks, lehigh valley, that will be clearing out as well. looking like a little less active on the radar here in the completely dry it will be mostly dry throughout the day, showers and storms could pop up later. we have light rain around this morning. sixty-seven to 72 may in the need umbrella in about an hour with this rain clearing out but need it later today. not perfect. showers and storms this morning, more so this afternoon, as these storms fire up again. a few storms but we are getting warmer up to 87. that win southwest at 5 miles an hour tonight dropping down to seven 16789 warm, muggy night tonight. rain is out of the sky and on the roadways, bob kelly. >> yes, it is a rough start to the morning dave good
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morning, 5:31. a live look at the schuylkill expressway. we have turn spigot off here but roads are wet stepping out of the front door coming into downtown philadelphia a live look at spring garden street, live look at i-95 watch it through construction zone, it is tough to see lane markers with the wet roads especially here on i-95 heading in toward girard avenue. little slow go, eastbound on the schuylkill and conshohocken. friday mornings are light volume in the morning, at least beginning of the morning rush hour compared to the other workdays. we will be down the shore today, sue is on her way to gardener's basin karen at the aquarium and steel pier, bring the kids or say high and down the shore with us this morning. what the are main break in millville new jersey at second and main, big jam expected tonight, we have got a concert new kids on the block, chris murphy front row, phillies/cardinals across the street. that is going on in south philly and then that rush to the shore kid are out of school now so this is that first big weekend where folks
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will hit the shore for weekend and all that volume heading through south philly trying to get to the walt whitman bridge. we have fire fly music festival going to the delaware beaches keep in mind we will have a tight squeeze here through dover with that extra volume this weekend chris and lauren, back to you. we have to turn this this country is in mourning after nine worshipers were killed in the shooting at a historic african-american church in charleston south carolina this morning the suspect 21 year-old dylann roofies in the detention center in south carolina after police say he fled 200 miles north to north caroline investigators are calling this a hate crime and justice department, has opened up an investigation into this massacre. we want to focus on the victims this morning they have been identified as 26 year-old tywand a saunders who graduated just last year from college. church's pastor state senator clementa pinckney a well known, beloved community leader cynthia herr a library
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worker, 345 year-old cherrhonda singleton a track coach, depayne middleton doctor a an admissions counselor. not pictured 59 year-old myra thompson, ethel lance, 74 year-old reverend daniel simmons, senior and 87 year-old sues i jackson. our coverage of the deadly church shooting in charleston continues on line, fine the latest information on this case photos, the videos and it is all on our web site at my fox new overnight fire at an abandoned building in east germantown is under investigation. fire fighters were called to the 5600 block of boyd street. here somebody could have been trapped inside but search revealed nothing but debris there. also overnight two people were stabbed in kingsessing this was the scene just after midnight on the 1100 block of divinity street. victims are recovering, no word on a suspect or a motive there. for the second time in just a week.
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residents dog with the water. >> good morning, lauren a and chris. parking lot is packed with mud and puddles. it is unclear how stores are fairing, but philadelphia water department did bring in a number of crew toss try to get the stores ready for friday's business. just yesterday the entire parking lot here of the bankers square shopping center looked like a muddy lake. cars were submerged after 120 year-old, 48-inch main ruptured. it happened around 2:45 yesterday afternoon, water rush into seven stores in the shopping mall, and it continues pouring out just hours before it was shut down according to the philadelphia water department. fire fighters used their boats and their back to rescue stranded shoppers in all, 100 people had to be helped with safety. customers were told to evacuate but not everyone could make it out employees used kitty litter and play sand to help keep the what
5:36 am
the's way. philadelphia water department says the aging infrastructure may have played a role in the water main break but they don't know for sure. employees at the shopping center described what they went through. >> when i came in, to clock in it was coming every where and, his mom was in the store i saved her. >> help crews out. >> i was helping customers out getting in their car and some other sewer systems. >> these mains are deep and approximately 25 feet deep, so it will take sometime to actually get a visual on the main itself and how it broke. >> muddy mess left behind shut down a freight train, for some it feels like deja vu because it was just a year and a half ago and hundred feet away that a different main ruptured creating similar problems between another hefty clean up the philadelphia water department says it is doing its best to replace aging infrastructure and it
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replaces 28 miles of mains each year, lauren and chris. >> and still not enough, evidently. all right jen thank you. two high school students miss their class field trip, wheelchairs are not allow how schools are defending their decision to leave him behind. georgia daughter welcomes their new daughter special delivery and how the dad says he knew exactly what to do.
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cole hamels will miss his start because of the mild hamstring strain and some in the organization questioned, yesterday phillies won a game. lets go to the ballpark. ryan howard up, phillies down one to nothing. they have the shift on and he dropped it down and get a base hit and score runs. no these guys are stubborn. gets a break here hits a home run, phillies win two-one over baltimore. round one of the u.s. open yesterday and not tiger's day in chambers bay in washington. trains running by golf course. not a good day for tiger. in the bunker, fair way bunker. still in the bunker. he had eight bogeys and on the green for a double. make that one triple bogey. shoots 80, 150, justin johnson and henrik stenson at five under par and jordan spieth is two under. that is my friend sports in the minute and i'm howard
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eskin. tiger, i mean we all watched, i mean, so dam nan. >> and don't you wish back on the floor for sixers. >> good sound bite too. >> yes, but just first sixers did unveil the new uniforms last night at wells fargo center. >> starting next season sixers will wear jersey and primary colors white uniforms will be here blue on the road and red, as an alternate former players like ai, were there for that unveiling. >> his prank on unsuspecting, pen coming up. >> good impression. >> i'm the terminate or.
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it is that day where sue serio told us it was a perfect ten. >> a perfect ten. >> yes i would have torn that video up, you have to invite me next time. >> yes. >> the floor is yours, my man but i don't know, too late. >> okay. >> let's talk about the weather now we are dealing with the rain still showers and storms moved through atlantic city where sue is headed getting set up she will start at 6:00. it is dry now. perfect timing, so, close-up view atlantic city is all clear, very heavy rain, a few thunderstorms, gust of wind moved off the coast. not quite done with the rain, is there still light rain in the north and western suburbs moving in chester county upper bucks county. dad's day fathers day sunday to do list but we have to watch the weather because there will be some rain coming in early sunday morning, very heavy rain, this is remnant of
5:46 am
bill, not a complete wash out, but once the rain clears, up to 85 degrees but in the morning, we will deal with that rain. here it is with the computer forecast saturday at 2:00. that is remnants of the bill, le pressure, lot of moisture moving in saturday night continuing saturday night to early sunday. pretty much focused over philadelphia area, that center of the storm moving right through the region here now it clears out by sunday morning. is there still some rain coming down early but by this time sunday morning we could have flooding with two or 3 inches of rain expect. brief pop up shower likely sunday afternoon but not that steady rain as we saw. heavier rain coming in saturday night to early sunday really focused on the philadelphia area. a little change in the track moving this heavy rain further south or north but certainly two to 3 inches likely that could lead to flooding, localized flooding depending on where this storm tracks. upper 60's mid to low 70's.
5:47 am
mild start in the day in the 80's today. up to 87 degrees. showers and storms likely this afternoon as they pop up with that heating clouds and sun on saturday, that rain sunday morning clears out sunday afternoon. heat up monday and tuesday backup to 90 on monday. ninety-four on tuesday. mid 80's on wednesday and thursday, with just partly cloudy skies and pop up showers.
5:48 am
as they begin that friday morning. all day tomorrow head up, coming into center city, so, they will have from 6:00 o'clock tomorrow, portions of 13th, 15th broad and market, right there around city hall all shut down, is there a dozen septa bus routes on a detour, that is tomorrow and then this weekend they are putting in a new traffic pattern shuffle out along route 422 in the area of route 724. so be prepared for the penndot crews to be out there and then saturday night, into early sunday morning, they are shutting down the northeast extension, from saturday at midnight to early sunday morning, the stretch from quakertown to lansdale we will see it all part of the widening of the turnpike. say you are going to the wedding you will be okay getting there but on your way home after midnight you have to use route 309 as an alternate. the shore trip today we are taking over atlantic city.
5:49 am
sue on her way to gardener's basin karen at the. >> so, they have cerebral palsy and they were left out of the school trip, to king's dominion because of the wheelchair they received a even if call saying that the bus did not have wheelchair access. well, they're upset. the last time, they may see classmates and they work really hard all year. >> twenty-five, and i think it is unfair we don't get to go. >> we deserve as much fun as anybody else. >> by the way school officials say they were told last minute, that the bus didn't have wheelchair, access and they could not find a new one on such a short
5:50 am
notice. >> my goodness. >> don't you think. >> this day and age. >> so a georgia family has quite a story to tell as customers there at the waffle house. >> their new born baby girl decided to come in the world before her parents could even get to the hospital. fox's natalie soto explains what happened. >> i went into survival mode. >> reporter: johnny davis is one proud father and had no idea he should end up delivering his new daughter.
5:51 am
>> i was so happy because i know her for a long time and i really am excited and i saw that baby, so cute baby. >> the employee, even came up with the name for the little girl. >> now we have our first waffle house baby. >> waffleena but it will not happen, you know. >> davis tells me mom and baby are doing well and this experience, is something that he will always cherish. >> when she started crying. it was a beautiful thing. >> i was nervous wafflelena, yeah she would live that down. >> yes. >> wait, what. >> that will in the happy says.
5:52 am
>> blanket jackson changed his name. >> to what. >> i'm not sure, something, sheets. >> a washington state mom goes into labor, she pulled over in the bank parking lot and that is when a nearby cop steps in. >> asia sharpton says little sylus was in the due for three and a half weeks. he was heading to and snagging him down. >> i never thought it would be a natural birth in the car. >> i just knew it was coming. i just wanted to try to get him out. >> paramedics for 11 years prior to becoming a police officer. i walk up and went oh, here's this baby. >> dad, met up with his wife and new little boy at the hospital baby cylus is perfectly healthy and a officer bow enis a angel right place right time. >> absolutely. >> by the way that you didn't see when you were reading this story, you say waving him down, did you this.
5:53 am
>> yes. >> he didn't even do it like that. >> yes. >> well, world's oldest known person dies 26 days after her 116th birthday. >> so geraldine tally passed away wednesday night at her home in michigan miss tally was born on may 23rd, 1899 in georgia. she later moved to michigan in the 1930's. she was survived by her 77 year-old daughter and three generations of grandchildren. >> that is a lot. coming up, terminator takes over hollywood what you have to see just next.
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lets take a live look in olde city 70 degrees. sue will be live, in atlantic city forecast, terminator genesis does not hit theaters until july 1st but we got a up close look with one of the stars. terminator himself arnold schwartsenager walk down the street sneaking up to terminator i am person nateers. pretended to be a wax figure at madam toso's, this is latest prank, to raise money for charity it helped in after school program for underprivileged children. coming up disturbing new details, about the man accused of killing nine people at a
5:57 am
church in charleston south carolina. what we know about dylann roof. a fire breaks out in a home in east germantown, why fire fighters had such a hard time bat telling one. mike and alex are up next.
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well there he is, abe south carolina church.
6:00 am
hundreds of miles away from where he did from the shooting. what he a friend said this guy dylann told him before the shuling began. >> i cannot say enough good thing about them. >> local police say body camera helped them out in a big way how they solved an attempted kidnapping. >> it is a friday. >> it is friday, june 19th 2015, we miss you sue but now she's back. >> hi, bob. >> she's down the shore as we say, boom, down the shore. >> yes. >> as opposed to the woman dina shore may she rest in peace. should we get right to sue is she available. >> is she down there. >> yes. >> guys, this is a view


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